About Us


Forscode – A unique membership program for the United Nations Force

Forscode is a unique and innovative online catalog for delegated VIP members, offering a wide range of well-known high end brands ranging from accessories, fashion bags and luggage, to sports and lifestyle products in addition to household items and kitchenware, exclusively granted to all United Nations personnel serving in the Middle East and Europe.

Behind our services, we bring together over 15 years of experience in serving the various U.N. forces in the middle east and European countries, through providing them a special VIP membership program.


Dedicated Service and Security of Purchase

What distinguishes Forscode is the emphasis on providing a dedicated service, along with a large array of products, ease of navigation through a special membership ensuring that each adherent is treated as he/she should, namely a VIP member.

Forscode members are granted access to its products’ catalogue through a unique access code, the “Q code”, provided by special subscription and by using a special Gift cards which enables him/her to make their wishes affordable.

Membership & the Q Code

Membership to Forscode is limited to U.N. soldiers and personnel, who apply online by submitting their United Nations ID.

Once the background check is complete to ensure that the person applying is indeed a staff member of the U.N., he/she will receive Q code, granting him access to Forscode e-catalogue.

The Q code is unique to each person, identifying him as a member.

A Unique Offering

Behind Forscode products is a dedicated retail team continuously endeavoring to bring the best and most competitive brands at the disposal of its members, ensuring that all the demands are met.

Payment, at a discounted rate

These Gift cards can be purchased either online on Forscode website or at the United Nations camps and offices and are available at different denominations (€50 €100, €150 €200 etc.…).

What makes these Gift cards attractive, is that they operate as a pre-discount rate of up to 20%, meaning that each card of a certain value is purchased at a discounted rate of up to 20%.




Additionally, friends and relatives of U.N. staff can make their service unforgettable and purchase these Gift cards for them. Only the delegated U.N. staff member, holder of the “Q Code” will be able to go through the e-catalogue and complete the purchase.

No Fear of expiry

All Gift cards and Q codes may be used at any point in time, without fear of expiry, although the Q codes can be reissued should the user lose it.


All purchased products can be delivered directly to the selected U.N. Camp or Office in addition to any other address selected.

Deliveries will be conducted within certain number of days from date of purchase , depends on the order.

Returns & Refunds

Within 30 days from delivery, the products that do not meet your requirements may be returned or subject to a refund, provided that they remain in their original condition.